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Implants Vs Bridges

Published date: February 28, 2022


Tooth loss is extremely common. As a matter of fact, missing and badly decayed teeth can cause many health
problems including further tooth loss, gum disease and bone loss.

The team at Smile Avenue Dental Clinic understands that being faced with the loss of a single tooth, several
teeth or all your teeth is a big emotional issue. So when a patient needs to replace a missing tooth or teeth,
couple of options are available. It’s us usually either a bridge or an implant.



A dental bridge is a permanent appliance that attach to existing natural teeth So bridges replace missing teeth
between 2 or more teeth .they fit into the open space where tooth or teeth used to be.

To prepare a bridge , the natural teeth are prepared or shaved down and crowns are placed over them for
strength Those crowns are attached to the bridge to make a solid row of teeth.

It is usually a 2 step process that takes about a week or more.
So , in the first appointment ,we go ahead and prep the teeth that are going to be holding on the bridge and in
the second appointment we usually cement the bridge.


Advantages of Dental Bridges:

  1. Bridges are faster to fabricate as compared to dental implants . to fabricate a new bridge for a patient , it
    usually takes about 10 to 15 days . one appointment is for preparation of teeth and the second appointment
    is for cementation of bridge
  2. It is usually inexpensive Bridges cost less than implants.Cost is one of the major reasons some patients
    choose bridges over implants. (well when we say inexpensive , it is usually inexpensive in the short term.)
  3. No bone grafting is necessary. If a tooth has been missing for long duration of time , the jaw bone that once
    held teeth in place may have weakened or resorbed. For replacing the missing teeth with bridge ,bone
    grafting is not required


Disadvantages of dental bridges:

  1. One of the biggest disadvantages of bridges is that they place greater strain on surrounding structures,
    especially the two teeth which are attached to the bridge ,which are used as anchors.
  2. Bridges don’t last as long as implants. Bridges are not expected to last a lifetime as implants do . this is
    because the bridges do not correct the underlying bone loss that occurs because of removal of teeth . This
    means that long-term issues which arises from bone loss due to the removal of teeth will continue to advance
    even after the gap is closed by traditional bridges.moreover, bridges may not last long , due to the fact that th
    teeth that are connecting the bridge ,if one of those get decayed or anything happens to one of those teeth, then
    the patient have to redo the entire bridge.
  3. Traditional bridges may require putting crowns over perfectly healthy teeth. Another con and the most
    important drawback of bridges is that in order to replace a missing teeth , traditional bridges may require
    putting crowns over perfectly good healthy teeth. This may cause shaving or cutting down of healthy
    undamaged tooth structure .
  4. bridges are hard to keep it clean . It is not possible to floss in between the bridge .


Dental implants:

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots usually made from titanium. They’re mounted into the patients
jawbone with screws to hold a crown or bridge in place.Implants don’t have to attach to any teeth so we can
place them anywhere.They can be distal to our back molars, it can be placed anywhere regardless of whether or
not there is any teeth mesial or distal to the space .

Advantages of implants:

  1. They are easy to clean because we can actually floss between implant and the tooth adjacent tooth. so
    implants are easy to keep them clean .
  2. There is no damage to the natural teeth. since we don’t have to cut or shave into any adjacent teeth for
    support,so that means no cutting into healthy teeth and no loss of healthy tooth structure .
  3. Implants last much longer as they are drilled into the bone so the last last longer .they don’t pop out or
    wiggle themselves out .
  4. The most important advantage of implants is that they prevent bone loss. because it is basically embedded in
    the bone so it prevents any kind of bone loss happening around that area post removal of natural tooth.


Disadvantages of implant:

  1. An implant is a much longer process .it usually is a three-step process which can take up to 3 to 6 months.
    so the first step is usually when we place the implant and the second stage is when we will uncover the top
    portion of implant and place an abutment and after that once healing has happened our job is to place the
    crown. so if we compare it to a bridge it is a long process but it is definitely worth it .
  2. Implant are expensive., another con is implants are expensive. but in the long run it is inexpensive because
    we don’t have to change an implant as often as we have to change a bridge .


Finding The Right Choice for You

The most important thing you can do to ensure you find the right treatment for your missing tooth. We at
Smile Avenue dental inform you about all options available. We then carefully weight all of the specific
considerations of your situation to make the right recommendation for you

Our expert dental team , at Smile Avenue will want to provide you with the right solution that will be as gentle
as possible while providing years of continued use. SMILE DENTAL AVENUE is Best Dentist near Sector 105 Noida ,
that can help you address any missing teeth and develop a treatment plan that is best siuted for you.

To get the services of best dental implant in Noida , you can connect with us through call/ whatapp on
9810898881: 9582102100.Smile avenue dental has dental offices in noida in sector 19 and in sector 92 .

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