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Why Do You Need a Dental Crown After Root Canal Treatment?

Published date: November 18, 2022

Placement of Dental crowns is the final step in RCTs but still, patients wonder if they’re indeed necessary. Some patients find getting an RCT intimidating itself, but when adding the factor of a dental crown, it may feel even more daunting.

Root canals is one of the most commonly performed procedures in modern dentistry, yet it is so frequently misunderstood. Many people dread this straightforward procedure for fear of pain. In utmost cases, the treatment isn’t complete without a protective dental cap, dental crown.

In an ideal situation, a dental crown is the final step in a root canal treatment. It takes care of the surface of the tooth after the RCT has taken care of the infection inside the tooth.

Reasons why a RCT treated tooth needs a dental crown?

Mostly the back teeth ie molars and premolars may need a crown. These teeth bear the utmost bite force and generally, need additional support post RCTs. It may not always be necessary to cap a front RCT treated tooth

After a ROOT CANAL the structural integrity of your tooth has been weakened. This is why it’s necessary, especially with posterior teeth, to have a dental crown.

The consequences of not having had a crown placed over the tooth

Emergency Case Study: Cracked tooth after root canal treatment

Dr Vasundhara received a phone call about a new case . The patient complained of toothache on the upper left side .On thoroughly examining the patient and after taking her x-rays it was concluded that she had cracked her upper left 2nd premolar tooth. The tooth was previously root conduit treated. The tooth had cracked 3- 4 mm below the gum line. The tooth was now in a compromised state. It was impossible to successfully restore the tooth for a long term. The best treatment option for this case was to remove the remaining tooth and replace it with a single tooth implant. In this case extraction or removal of tooth could have been avoided easily , had the patient undergone a crowning procedure immediately after completion of RCT.

The cost of a dental crown is far lower than the cost of a single tooth implant.  

As the above case study illustrates, a RCT treated tooth which is crowned at the right time is better for your oral health and more affordable in the long run.

Expert’s Opinions : Dr. Vasundhara Arora Dental Director of Smile Avenue Dental clinic says” A root canal treatment is essential to cure an infected tooth . But it is also suggested to put dental crowns after completion of RCT. There are various varieties of dental crowns as well. One can also go in for an onlay if the case permits. But most importantly, both a crown and an onlay will do the same thing. The main difference is that an onlay will save a lot of your tooth structure. Over the years, standards have improved and the techniques we use have changed, allowing dentists to offer a variety of options to patients.

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