Everything You Need to Know About Spaces/Gaps between Teeth

When I smile, I’m conscious because I have a gap between my front teeth.” Have you ever felt the same way about the gap you have in your front teeth? If you thought you were the only one facing this problem, think again because you are not alone!

A smile is the first thing people notice about you. But what if the natural teeth are interrupted by a small gap right between your front teeth? Embarrassing, right? A gap in the front teeth, called a diastema in dental terminology, is a very common problem, but don’t worry, we have many treatment options. Some people may have just one gap (diastema) or multiple gaps.

What are the gaps between the teeth?

Gaps are excessively large spaces between two or more teeth. When teeth do not grow in properly or are misaligned, one of the problems that can occur is gaps between the teeth. The teeth are too far apart, leaving space between them to touch each other.

Some people may have only one gap – often between the upper front teeth, which is called a diastema – while others may have gaps between several teeth. Gaps between teeth can have harmful effects on your teeth and mouth, as well as your overall health. It can also cause embarrassment or dissatisfaction with your smile, which can lower your self-confidence.

What Are the Causes of Gaps?

A missing tooth or teeth One or more teeth that are smaller than the remaining teeth Small teeth for comparatively larger jaws A strong muscle tissue, called the labial frenum, that connects the upper lip to the gums The habit of sticking out the tongue Thumb sucking habit Poor gum health or gum disease

How to Fix Gap in Front Teeth?

Can you fix a gap in your front teeth yourself? Of course not! The gap between the front teeth must be treated by your dentist at the dental clinic

How to Treat Gaps Between Teeth

Many different methods are practiced to close gaps between teeth. The decision depends mainly on the size of the gap and the desired result from a functional and cosmetic point of view.

The main methods of closing the space between the teeth are:

  • Braces (orthodontic treatment)
  • Direct bonding (composite resin)
  • Dental veneers


To close large gaps between teeth, braces are the best choice, especially if there are other problems such as teeth alignment problems and bite problems (e.g. if the shape, color and size of the teeth are acceptable, braces will give good results.

However, if the shape, color or size is not desired, additional cosmetic adjustments (i.e. veneers) may subsequently be required. This may increase the cost of treatment. Wearing braces also requires some patience as results usually take 12-18 months. It may also be possible to close the space with clear holders.

Dental Bonding (Direct Composite Bonding)

Dental bonding (direct composite bonding) Dental bonding is an affordable restorative treatment option that repairs chipped, cracked, displaced or damaged teeth.

The treatment uses a special adhesive, a high-intensity curing light, and a tooth-colored composite resin. The materials are glued to the teeth and fill any imperfections. This is a very simple, cost-effective and conservative option for closing gaps between teeth. However, if the color and shape of the teeth are not desired, the results may not be optimal. People with multiple gaps between their teeth may opt for dental bonding.


Dental veneers are thin porcelain shells that are securely attached to the front of your teeth Veneers are designed to be as strong as tooth enamel and as thin as contact lenses, giving you durability and comfort

They fit over the front of the teeth and improve the patient’s appearance by changing the shape and color of the teeth. Veneers can mask slightly larger gaps between teeth and provide excellent cosmetic results as more adjustments to the teeth can be made. They are also much stronger than composite veneers for areas where biting loads must be considered.

Case Studies:

Here are three cases from Smile Avenue dental where gaps between the teeth were treated.

Case 1: Closing gaps between teeth by composite bonding procedure

CASE 2: Closing gaps between teeth by emax veneers

Case 3: Closing gaps between teeth and increasing height and restoring lost structure due to grinding

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