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Root Canal Treatment in Noida

Pain in the tooth/ teeth, sensitivity to hot and cold does not necessarily mean that one has to extract the affected tooth. These conditions can be painlessly and effectively be treated by ROOT CANAL TREATMENT.

Root Canal Therapy

Smile Avenue Dental Center in Noida sector 92 provides quick, effective, and reliable Root Canal Treatment that you can bank upon. Root canal treatment relieves tooth pain and enables teeth to be saved rather than extracted.

Root canal treatment popularly known as RCT is a simple procedure that not only relieves you from dental pain but also saves your teeth from extraction. Patients mainly seek root canal treatment when there is some infection or inflammation in any tooth roots.

We, at Smile Avenue, make your root canal treatment relatively pain free, so you can cherish your healthy smile again. What makes us even more favorable among our esteemed patients is the fact that we offer premium quality Root Canal Treatment in Noida at affordable price. So, if you are on a lookout for a highly proficient, experienced and the best dentist in Noida, then Smile Avenue Dental Centre is the place for you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: Why does the tooth hurt?

Ans: When the innermost layer of the tooth i.e the tooth pulp gets exposed to bacteria or gets infected due to injury or decay, then it creates sensation or pressure which causes unbearable pain. That’s how you feel an ache in your tooth.

Q2: How is RCT done?

Ans: Firstly, an access opening is made in the tooth to clean the infected pulp from the root canals. The canals are then shaped using fine instruments to remove the infected and diseased pulp. During the process of shaping, the irrigation method is used to flush away and remove any debris. Thereafter, we fill the canals with root canal filling known as gutta percha and seal the area. Then finally we place the crown cap to give more stability to RCT treated tooth.

Q3: Are RCTs painful?

Ans: Getting RCT done from a renowned and experienced dentist is what makes the difference. Smile Avenue Dental Care ensures extremely effective and relatively painless RCTs. We leave no stone unturned to get you back to smiling, biting, and chewing with ease in no time.

Q4: How many settings are required for RCT?

Ans: RCT is quite similar to a routine filling and can usually be completed in 1 or 2 appointments; rest depends on the condition of your tooth.

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