Dental Implant in Noida

Dental implant in Noida form a long term solution for tooth loss and restoring a natural looking smile. They wipe out the need to grind down healthy teeth to fix a bridge. Dental implants check the bone shrinkage which is usually caused by missing teeth. They are placed in the jawbone surgically.  Dental implants look, feel and perform as same as your natural teeth.

Are you living with severely damaged or missing teeth?

If yes, then don’t worry. We, at Smile Avenue Dental Centre in Noida, can help you get rid of severely damaged or missing teeth through our highly revolutionary and effective Dental Implant Treatment. Give your smile and confidence a quick boost through Smile Avenue’s remarkable Dental implant in Noida at an affordable cost.

Diverse kinds of Dental Implant in Noida:

Smile Avenue boasts itself of being the topmost Dental clinic in Noida that offers a plethora of Dental Implant Cost in Noida for different kinds of situations, from missing a single tooth to having no teeth at all.

You can choose from the following options:-

Single tooth implant

In case of loss of one tooth whether front or back tooth, it can easily be replaced by placing a single tooth implant.

Multiple tooth implants

If more than one tooth is missing, then also we can easily replace the patient’s missing teeth by multiple implants.

All on four implants

Those who are looking for complete replacement of new teeth on both upper and lower jaw, Smile Avenue can be Dental implant in Noida for them. We can easily give All-on-four implants to them both in the upper and lower jaw. After placing these implants a complete set of teeth is then made on these teeth.

Q 1:   Can I opt for an implant, if I have only one tooth missing?

Ans:    Yes, one can easily go for an implant, if he/she has a single tooth missing. In fact, it’s ideal to replace the single missing tooth since we don’t need to take the support of adjacent teeth unlike in bridge.

Q2:   Why should I go for implants? What are its benefits?

  1. Ans: In the case of dental implants, we don’t need to take the support of adjacent teeth. It saves the adjacent teeth from unnecessary cutting and grinding which is required while preparing bridges.
  2. Implants help in maintaining the bone density and preventing bone loss which happens once the tooth is lost.
  3. Dental Implants have superior aesthetic results.

Q3: What is the longevity of implants?  What is the success rate of implants?

Ans: It is observed that dental implants have a high success rate. If the quality of the bone is good, then it is the treatment of choice. The overall health of a patient receiving the implant also plays a pivotal role in the success of the procedure. Also, if you look at the Dental Implant Cost in Noida, then there’s no match to Smile Avenue Dental Care in Noida. We are the Best Dentist in Noida in terms of high-end techniques, state of the art dental equipment, experience, reliability, and quality of services.