Teeth Whitening In Noida

Teeth Whitening can help to get Bright smile and  immense ability to boost your confidence and help you reach the pinnacle of success.

You may lose the bright white smile which you once had owing to the host of reasons including excessive intake of tea, coffee, wine, sodas and certain other foods that cause staining and discoloration of your pearly whites.  At Smile Avenue Dental Centre In Noida, we offer a range of TEETH WHITENING (BLEACHING) treatments through the hands of Best Dentist in Noida Sector 19 who offer gentle care in the most conservative and non-invasive manner.


Q: Does teeth whitening damage my teeth?

Low concentrations of peroxide, from a reputable source, are safe if used as directed.

Q: Does teeth bleaching/whitening have side effects?

Most people experience few or no side effects and are satisfied with the results. However, one may encounter one or more temporary side effects like:

  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Soft tissue irritation

Our doctors and our entire staff would like to welcome you to our Best Dental Clinic in Noida. As a general and cosmetic dentist our mission is to help you attain optimum oral health and a gorgeous smile . We work closely with you to maintain your teeth for a lifetime. Dr Vasundhara’s Smile Avenue Dental Centre is your natural choice for top quality best Dental Clinic in Noida. We offer a comprehensive range of restorative ,preventive and cosmetic dental procedures for patients of all ages.

Dr. Vasundhara ensures she is cognizant of all the latest techniques and materials available in modern dentistry by regularly attending lectures; seminars and hands-on courses. Her pleasant manners and charming personality instantly puts the patient at ease and her reassuring persona ensures that all worries and pain are forgotten much before treatment begins.