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Wisdom Tooth Extraction In Noida

WISDOM TOOTH EXTRACTION IN NOIDA Natural teeth are perfect for chewing, biting, and maintaining both mouth and jaw bone structure.  But sometimes tooth extraction becomes unavoidable when your tooth gets badly decayed or damaged, then it must be professionally removed.

At Smile Avenue Dental Centre in Noida, Dr. Vasundhara and her team of professionals truly understand patient’s fear around the extraction of teeth, which is why our team of expert professionals works efficiently to ensure extraction procedure remains comfortable and pain-free. Our patients heal quickly and resume normal functioning within a reasonable time frame post tooth extraction procedure.

A dentist takes an X-ray of your tooth before removing it. When your dentist removes visible teeth then it is called as a simple extraction. Teeth that are fractured, broken, below the gums or impacted ask for more involved procedure.

You must tell your dentist about any medications or medical conditions before undergoing any dental treatment. You should not hesitate in telling about health conditions like;


Liver disease



Congenital heart defect

Renal disease


The wisdom teeth are popularly known as “third molars” develop on each side of your jaws in permanent teeth. Third molars usually emerge on the back side of your mouth between the ages of 16-22 yrs. When your jaw size isn’t large enough to accommodate third molars in it, then the third molars can get impacted, or unable to come in the jaw or misaligned. Sometimes third molars remain trapped beneath gums, bone or they also have a tendency to grow sideways. In some conditions, the extraction of third molars becomes absolutely necessary.

After providing wisdom tooth extraction treatment to our patients, we also provide certain care instructions to ensure proper healing of our patient. We also warn our patients about a little pain and swelling that may occur for a time being but that is expected to gradually subside in a matter of few days.

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