Mr S came to see Dr Vasundhara Arora at Smile Avenue dental clinic for a consultation as he didn’t like the diastema (gap) between his front upper teeth. Dr Arora listened to his concerns and performed a thorough examination of his teeth

Dr Vasundhara determined that the best way to close the gap between patients front teeth would be with an orthodontic treatment. This could be done with the help of fixed braces or clear aligners, which would align his teeth into position and closing the gap between his front upper and lower teeth and bite correction as well in 6 to 18 months. However, Mr S could not start orthodontic treatment due to job commitments and being in hospitality business , he wanted a more immediate solution.

Dr Vasundhara gave another yet effective alternative , for gap closure . She would use cosmetic bonding procedure for gap closure between Mr S’s front teeth . This is a relatively quick alternative to change the appearance of teeth. Most of the cosmetic or composite bonding procedures do not require any anaesthesia. Drilling of teeth is also minimal. Mr S cosmetic bonding appointment was scheduled where Dr Vasundhara did shade matching of the composite material to the colour of his adjacent teeth. After shade matching, the composite was then bonded directly onto his front teeth. It was shaped and contoured to close the gap and create a uniform and straighter smile.

We also used this procedure to correct small defects such as chipped edges of his teeth by smoothing the surface of the teeth. This improved the overall look of Mr S’s smile in just one single visit; Mr S was delighted! In fact he was so delighted that he went head for closure of gap with respect to his lower front teeth as well.

“ Dr Vasundhara is one of the best dentist in Noida that i have come across. She is extremely talented as a cosmetic dentist. Got composite Veneers done from Dr Vasundhara …she has a rich experience in her field. The Team at Smile Avenue Dental were very helpful throughout. My teeth are now exactly how I wanted them. Very glad I chose this option.I highly recommend Dr Vasundhara , as she is the best cosmetic dentist in noida with gentle hands and golden heart ” – Mr S

Composite bonding or composite veneers is a very good option for fixing chipped, fractured or discoloured teeth, to close small gaps between teeth or to enhance the general appearance of your smile. In Composite bonding or cosmetic bonding the dentist adds a special tooth coloured resin material to your teeth.

It is absolutely pain free procedure , mostly no or minimal anaesthesia is needed and there is no permanent changes is done to the natural tooth structure. It is a strong resin material that typically lasts several years.

With latest advancement in composite materials with respect to their strength and good aesthetic qualities, composite bonding is an affordable and faster alternative to dental crowns or veneers, as it can be done in one visit.
The only real disadvantage of this treatment is that the resin can de-bond; however, this won’t harm the teeth and can easily be replaced. However, patients are advised to be careful when biting hard food, to ensure longevity of cosmetic treatment. The best way to determine which solution is right for you is to talk to your dentist about your cosmetic goals and aspirations. If you’re looking for the most cost-effective solution, then composite bonding is a very good option. However, if the patient has a severe aesthetic problem and is looking for a long lasting solution, then porcelain veneers might be the best option. So if you are looking for Best Dentist near Sector 105 Noida, Visit Smile Dental Avenue.

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