Smile Avenue dental clinic  received a call from Miss P. We could sense desperation and panic in her voice as her crown on her upper left central incisor had broken off. An immediate appointment was fixed for Miss P. On initial examination it was determined that the upper left central incisor had broken off near the gum line, and her tooth had broken off inside the crown. Although she did  not have any pain or discomfort, she wanted her  tooth to be replaced for social and aesthetic reasons.

An appointment was fixed with Dr Arora. She performed a thorough examination and discussed all treatment options with Miss P, and the timescales involved. Dr Vasundhara informed Miss P  that as the root was intact, the best short-term option would be to make a small temporary denture with a single tooth that fits over the existing root. This would be made to match the colour and appearance of the adjacent teeth, and would mean Miss P would have a tooth in place for  her  immediate office engagements.

For the long-term,  salvaging the retained root  with root canal and post and core was not an option as the retained root was very narrow . The x-rays were  shown  to our specialist in endodontics , who agreed the root could fracture and not last long.

As Miss P  did not want a removable denture in the long term, she wanted to explore her dental implant options. For a dental implant it was determined  that we would remove the broken root and place an immediate implant at the same time. This saved Miss P three months’ healing  time, as well as lower cost  and reduced surgical procedures.

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots usually made from titanium. They’re mounted into the patients’  jawbone with screws to hold a crown  in place .Implants don’t have to attach to any teeth .A dental implant  integrates  in a process called osseointegration and actively prevents bone loss.

After a healing period of several months, Miss P’s appointment was fixed again  in order to take impressions to have a crown made to match the colour, shape and lustre of the adjacent teeth. An implant post was then securely fitted and then finally a permanent crown was secured into its correct position .Miss  P was happy with the fit, feel and appearance of the new prosthesis .

Miss P was delighted with her newly  replaced crown , which was hard to differentiate with the rest of her natural teeth. Miss P continues to visit Smile Avenue  Dental care  for her general dental care and  to maintain her oral health.

Miss  P was so delighted with her smile, she sent Smile Avenue dental  this review

“I have just undergone the most skillfully executed transformative  dental procedure by Dr Vasundhara Arora, clinical director of Smile Avenue dental.  Smile avenue clinic is the best dental clinic in noida and I thank my stars I contacted them at the right time for my implant work. Dr Vasundhara did  an outstanding job and I am so happy with my smile. I knew immediately I was in the best of hands.”

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