So Happy with My New Smile

Miss Himani Gera had orthodontic treatment as a teenager, but her upper front tooth was always slightly tilted, and out and she did not routinely wear her retainers, resulting in orthodontic relapse (her teeth moving out of position).

Miss H wanted to improve the appearance of her smile, so she booked a faster orthodontic consultation with Dr Vasundhara Arora at Smile Avenue dental clinic to discuss the option of teeth braces or straightening treatment .
At Smile Avenue Dental clinic , a detailed consultation and assessment was carried out.

This was followed by dental X -Rays and 3D imaging. 3D scanning using latest 3D scan technology was done to check the suitability and type of aligners best for Miss H. After a thorough analysis, our orthodontist explained her a treatment plan and showed her how her teeth and surrounding structures will look after the treatment, through 3D images and a virtual plan.

Since Himani wasnt keen on undergoing another course of fixed braces treatment but still wished to get her teeth straightened , she choose illusion aligners treatment .

What is aligners treatment

In Aligners treatment or invisalign the patient is told to wear a series of clear, removable aligners that gradually straighten or correct the teeth. No brackets and wires are required and no restrictions that come with the metal braces. These aligners exerts gentle pressure on teeth and move it into its correct position, usually in around 6–9 months.

Finally , an impression of Miss H was taken and a set of customized zero aligners were given to her. With this zero aligner Miss H confirmed the fit and feel of her aligners . In the next sitting attachments were bonded both in her upper and lower arch . This was followed by her next set of first active aligners.
Initially we gave her 2 sets of aligners for a month, each for 2 weeks. She was instructed to wear them for at least 22 hours a day . regular follow ups were carried on . later on a set of 4 aligners were given to her. In about 8 months Miss H treatment was complete.

As per Miss H treatment plan , Dr Vasundhara advised professional teeth whitening .

And appointment was scheduled for zoom whitening of her teeth . Miss H was delighted to see the results
“So happy with my new smile and so thankful to everyone here at Smile Avenue” Miss H

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