Do I Have the Symptoms of a Future Root Canal Problem? The Truth about Root Canal Treatment

Does the thought that you just might need root canal treatment send shivers down your spine? Pain and price of treatment spring in your mind? Do you fear that  it is going to be a painful ,costly and  complicated procedure that is best avoided?

If so, it’s time to re -evaluate. While an infection or inflammation of a tooth’s pulpal  tissue indeed causes severe pain, but root canal treatment relieves this pain — it doesn’t cause it!

Although the thought of  getting an endodontic treatment makes some people anxious, a root canal procedure is nothing to be nervous about.

What are Root Canal?

The root canals are small branching  within the center of your teeth. Unlike the top  2 outer layers of the tooth (enamel and dentin) that form up most of the structure of a tooth, underneath its a  tiny branches or  passages  filled with soft tissue: nerves and  blood vessels . Sometimes this  soft tissue  becomes infected — because of  a  deep dental caries, or  trauma or large fractured filling or fractured tooth. When that happens, the tissue begins to die.

What Is a Root Canal treatment?

A root canal treatment is a procedure to get rid of the inflamed or infected pulp from within the tooth. A root canal treatment is also  additionaly  known as endodontic treatment or RCT. An endodontic treatment will be done to remove the infected pulpal tissue. clean the root canal, and fill and seal the space. After completion of RCT,  your dentist will place a crown or other restoration to protect  and guard the remaining  tooth.

It is important to start the root canal treatment as the infection can spread, causing health issues beyond your mouth. If left untreated, the infection doesn’t go away: It continues to spread, sometimes moving beyond the tooth itself and into the gums and jaw. It may also cause intense pain — pain which RCT relieves.

Does  Root Canal treatment hurt ?

There was a time when root canals were an enormous deal? Now its bit like getting a cavity filled. Root canal treatment has changed  over the years For one, new and more efficient equipment has streamlined the procedure. Imaging techniques are advanced. Anesthetic is now employed in a way where even the primary injection doesn’t hurt, Since you will be numb during the procedure, you will not feel anything. For a few days after the root canal, you may feel soreness and sensitivity

How Do You know you  Need a Root Canal treatment?

How does one know if you would possibly  need a root canal? Sometimes, the answer is obvious. If you are feeling severe pain   that doesn’t go away, or sensitivity and swelling in your gums, don’t wait — visit your dentist for evaluation and treatment right away!

It is important to inform your consulting dentist if any of the subsequent symptoms arise

  1. Severe and persistent Pain
  2. Sensitivity to Hot and Cold
  3. Gum area is swollen
  4. Chipped or cracked tooth
  5. deep decay
  6. dark discolouration of the tooth

How much  does an RCT cost?

The cost of dental treatment  can vary widely, depending upon lot of  things  but saving the tooth with a root canal is undoubtedly cost-efficient.

The other option will be  extraction, but eventually  the cost of an implant or bridge inorder  to replace the missing tooth afterward is typically costlier. Moreover removal of tooth also can  cause malocclusion, or misaligned teeth, and difficulty  while chewing.

Are there any other alternatives to root canal treatment?

If the pulp of your tooth has been exposed  or infected, the sole alternative treatment is to get rid of the tooth.

To prevent neighbouring teeth from drifting  within  the  gap left, the missing tooth needs to be replaced with either a dental implant, bridge or denture, all of which are more expensive than root canal treatment.

So it is always advisable  to try to save your natural teeth, and RCT is one of the effective ways to save and revive infected teeth and keep them healthy and functional.

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